Frequently asked questions

Where does a rent boat Tulum takes you to?

Their regular tour takes you to ihan reef to do snorkeling with turtles.  Also, if it is a private boat, Tulum, you can decide to navigate to Cozumel and snorkel at el Cielo Reef.  Also, you can go to Tulum ruins or Playa del Carmen and anchor in front of a beach club.  Unfortunately, there are no beaches where to come off in the area due to shallow waters.

On the other hand, our rent boat Tulum can take you anywhere you want from the said location without a time limit. All time is yours. We always provide satisfactory services to our clients when they book or rent a private boat Tulum from us.

Can I rent a boat in Tulum and go to Isla Mujeres?

The boats in the Tulum area do not go to Isla Mujeres.  It would be a 10-11 hour ride one way, and boats don’t have permits to go there. Therefore, many Tulum boat rentals can only stay around Playa del Carmen and Tulum.  When looking for Tulum boat rentals, know if you want to visit Cozumel or make a larger trip.

We always try to take you to a different destination as far as we can. Just know that there are only particular destinations you can visit when renting boats in Tulum.

Looking for A Boat Rental For Your Next Getaway?

Tulum Boat Rentals is a top-rated charter company. Offering both half and whole-day rentals. Rent a Tulum Boat for a relaxing and luxurious day on the water. The boat has comfy seats, a sun shade, and BlueTooth capabilities and is the most accessible way to get around the water. Spend up to 8 hours on the Tulum private boats and relax in the sun. 


How Far is Puerto Aventuras Marine port from Tulum ?

Puerto Aventuras is about 25 min drive from the downtown Tulum area.   A bit more from the hotel zone as the hotel zone in Tulum stretches far.

Do you have boats from Tulum To Cozumel?

There are only a few boats that have the right permits to be around Cozumel but we are able to take you there.  Contact us to ask!


What is your cancelation policy?

Our Cancelation policy for weather-related takes effect only on the closure of the marine port.  The weather is constantly changing and as long as tours are able to go out, there is no refund on the deposit.

Do boats come with a crew and captain?

All of our boats include a captain and crew to cater to your needs.

Are boat rentals private?

We offer private boat rentals in the Tulum area with food and open bar packages.

Are there any nonprivate or shared boat tours?

There is a nonprivate catamaran tour leaving from close to Tulum.   You can contact us to get details.



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