Why Tulum Yacht Rentals Is Perfect For Ocean Lovers

Yacht Rides in Tulum Mexico

Yacht rides in Tulum Mexico and Trip are an excellent way to explore some of Tulum’s most beautiful and exotic locations. Do not worry if you do not have millions of dollars to spend on a yacht. Another option is to rent a yacht!

Many people from all over the world visit this magical place to have fun and relax. They rent a yacht because it gives them a unique opportunity to do so, as opposed to staying in a hotel or vacationing at their friends’ homes.

Why Choose a Tulum Yacht Rental?

While we love catamarans and sailing, Tulum Yacht Rentals out of Puerto Aventuras make sometimes the perfect day on the water. This Tulum Boat Rental  would completely satisfy both luxury and your need for speed.

Our yachts have air-conditioned interiors and, most importantly, staff to serve you. In addition, there are nap rooms for children and a living area with shade. You will have an unforgettable day on your private yacht thanks to the incredible snorkelling and simply being able to relax in the beautiful Caribbean with your friends and family.

Tulum Boat Rentals provide more interior space and are great places to host a party, making them excellent options for yacht rentals and a fantastic way to travel faster to snorkelling destinations such as Cozumel. This yacht includes towels, an underwater camera, snorkelling equipment, and fishing gear.

Occasions for Yacht Rental

Renting a yacht, not just any yacht, but a yacht on the waters of Tulum, Mexico, is one of the best experiences you can have.

There are many occasions when spending time on a yacht makes your vacation perfect with all of the luxuries and comfort it provides while sailing to the beautiful Riviera Maya, Tulum, and Caribbean destinations.

One of the reasons for renting a yacht is to have a good time. Tulum can provide breathtaking sights that are not available anywhere else. Aside from visiting the Mayan archaeological remains, the experience of seeing the beaches from a distance and on a boat is one you will never forget.

If you enjoy trying new foods, there is no better place to have them prepared and served than on the deck of a beautiful yacht while watching the blue sea and all the beautiful places that Tulum and its coast offer.

Romantic outings, marriage proposals, anniversaries, bachelor and bachelorette parties, weddings, birthdays, and other family celebrations are exceptional moments in our lives. We should consider making great memories while renting a yacht and sailing along the Tulum coast. Catered cuisine, pristine beaches, and beautiful, affordable, luxurious, accommodating yachts will enhance your vacation experience.

If you want your wedding day to be as perfect as it could be in a fairy tale, you should entirely rely on the yacht’s crew. They will ensure that the event runs smoothly by collaborating with the wedding planners.

Every day is a “good day for fishing” in the Caribbean, which is the best place to do so. The Riviera Maya and Caribbean flora and fauna are breathtaking. In addition, this area is well-known as a divers’ paradise for scuba diving or snorkelling.

Tulum Yacht Rental: Our Tours

We have a variety of tours to choose from, and you can customise your tours. We can assist in the planning of birthday parties as well as pre and post-wedding events. There is also a lovely VIP upgrade option, including champagne and a VIP open bar. If you are a foodie, we can bring a private chef aboard and prepare special menus for you.

Snacks or lunch are included in our 4-hour charters. The 5-hour and more extended charters include a packed lunch. This Tulum Boat Tour is ideal for families who enjoy the sea. So come out and spend the day snorkelling in the Tulum’s reefs.

Hola From Yacht Rentals Tulum!

We have you covered if you are thinking of spending your next holiday on a Tulum boat tour! We provide Tulum boat tours and trips to tourists and locals looking for an ocean adventure away from the crowds.

Our guests’ favourite tours include sunset cruises, guided snorkelling tours, whale and dolphin watching, coastal sightseeing, and firework displays. In addition, we can accommodate a wide range of events on the water, from boat photoshoots and proposals to birthdays and memorials. 

Make a reservation with Tulum Boat Rentals today and visit us for more information.

Impressive Attractions For Boat Tours In Tulum

Tulum, Mexico’s jewel of the Riviera Maya, has many amazing wonders you cannot afford to miss. This city provides a relaxed and environmentally friendly way of life. You can spend your day eating fresh fish tacos, doing yoga, or relaxing on the beach with a good book. The city’s main draw is its beautiful beaches, among the best in Mexico. Impressive Attractions For Tulum Boat Tour In Tulum are highly recommended because they provide the ultimate beach vacation that anyone can have. Water exploration is more fun and enjoyable with the Tulum boat tour because you can sail across amazing water bodies with their magic.

Here is a list of the best places attractions for boat tours in Tulum:

Mexico Kan Tours

Mexico Kan Tours is a travel agency dedicated to introducing visitors to Mexico’s diverse culture and biodiversity. Every tour is designed with the desire to share extensive travel experience in Mexico, whether in secret cenotes, exclusive haciendas, or on the summit of a pyramid in the middle of the jungle. Provide high-quality experiences for travelers of all tastes, adapting to clients’ specific interests and offering a selection of handcrafted activities from which visitors can choose.


Playacht is a private rental company in Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, and Tulum, with over fifteen years of experience in the hospitality industry. Their services are of high quality, ensuring maximum satisfaction for clients on every voyage. Our crew will make every effort to meet all of your needs while visiting beautiful places, experiencing extraordinary moments, and enjoying a culinary experience onboard.

Adventure Tour Center

The Adventure Tour Center (ATC) is a one-stop shop for all things exciting and fun in Tulum and the surrounding areas. ATC has the most adventure options in the area, from snorkeling and scuba diving to zip-lining and nature tours. The ATC family has grown since its inception in early 2013, with the addition of the incredible Alessandro Nardi and the excellent globe trotter Giulio Lucatelli to the SCUBA program. In addition, ATC opened a new location in downtown Tulum in 2016 and added a retail store (Adventure Surf & Sport) on the second floor, along with the dive shop and tour center. 


Enjoy an exclusive dolphin swim at Xel-Há, one of the Riviera Maya’s most impressive natural attractions. Located 30 minutes from Playa del Carmen, 20 minutes from the ruins of Tulum, and 80 minutes from Cancun International Airport. Make your reservation as soon as possible. You can purchase your tickets online and find exclusive deals and discounts; simply select the date and time of the package you wish to book. Remember that swim with dolphins packages do not include admission to the Xel-Há Ecological Park. To gain access, you must purchase a separate ticket. To make the most of your time in Xel-Há, we recommend at least a 5- to 6-hour visit to enjoy the dolphin experience program and learn about the local tourist attractions. Xe l-Há is a popular spot for snorkeling, seeing fish, cruising the river on an inflatable inner tube, visiting the mangroves, and visiting the lighthouse and the Cliff of Courage.

Find Your Tulum Boat Rentals Now!

It is fantastic to think of chilling in a unique boat with loved ones; hence it is more enjoyable to do it personally. Thus finding Tulum boat rentals is the first take you take for an adventure. Visit Tulumboatrentals.com for more information and the services they offer.

Why Boat Tours in Tulum Is A Must This Month

Boat tours in Tulum are a lot of fun and exciting, and they provide you with amazing views. Thus, you might be thinking about what you should do while on the boat tour. But, worry no more cause we’ve prepared many reasons why you should try boat tours in Tulum.

Here are the top ten reasons to take a boat tour and surf the waves in style!

Bond with family and friends.

It is critical to spend quality time with your loved ones! Time flies, and you should not take even the most insignificant moments of your lives for granted. Because of our hectic schedules, jobs, education, and other responsibilities, you might rarely have time to spend with the people you care about. Thus, strong bonds with your loved ones make your lives more enjoyable. The more time you spend with your loved ones, the happier you become. Although it is not always possible, this is why you can plan your time. 

Relaxing atmosphere.

While on a boat ride, you can tune out! Some boats produce more noise than others, but you eventually get used to it. Then, of course, you can pull over, turn off the engine, and take in every sound that nature has to offer. Nature is the best musician, while boats are the best concert venues.

Affordable than before. 

Many people still believe that boat cruises are only for the wealthy, which is false. Boat rentals Tulum are now more affordable than ever. When you split the boat tour cost, it is indeed affordable. Many materialistic items are now far more expensive than boat trips. But nothing else can provide you with what a boat tour can, and those are captivating memories that you will remember for a lifetime. Boat trips are generally available to a larger group of people.

Connect with nature.

Boat trips will allow you to connect with nature on a deeper and more intimate level. Exploring the world through the eyes of a duck is a one-of-a-kind experience. The world appears very different from the water’s perspective. By booking a boat tour, you will be able to see many sights that you would not be able to see otherwise. Water represents life, and simply being near water provides a sense of calm. Being on a boat allows you to feel unique and observe the world on natural routes where only animals usually pass. There are no cars, dust, and unnecessary noise, mother nature alone.

It is convenient.

When you book a boat for rent, you won’t have to deal with many details. Typically, you meet at a specific location at a specific time. The rest is just the start of a beautiful boat tour adventure where you do not have to be a captain but simply someone who came to enjoy themselves without being bothered with planning and all. The boat tour is always the first choice because they are one of the most leisurely activities to organize.

Ideal for any occasion.

Everyone will remember a celebration when it is unique. Unusual locations and surroundings add a special touch to a celebration. Thus celebrating any occasion in a boat is genuinely memorable.

Possibilities to see multiple locations.

A boat tour allows you to see more places in one tulum boat trip. Of course, you will need to set aside more time for more locations, but in general, the boat tour is an excellent opportunity to make the most of every location. And, of course, there must be water somewhere.

A lot of onboard activities. 

A boat tour is more than just sailing. Instead, a boat tour allows you to participate in various activities suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Sunbathing on a boat, swimming, snorkeling, dining, dancing, or meditating are all options. Boat tours in Tulum are ideal for those who enjoy a variety of activities. However, renting a boat is also for those who enjoy switching off and being present in the moment.

A greeny boat tour.

Massive tourism has caused enormous environmental damage, and it is time to minimize it and try to correct some of it. Flying has a higher carbon footprint than sailing or boating. Nonetheless, the carbon footprint is more significant when it comes to boats. Boats are also a much “greener” way to travel than cars. It is no secret that each of us must reduce our negative environmental impact and, whenever possible, choose less harmful options for the environment. That is another reason a boat tour should be on your bucket list.

Personalized service.

You are less likely to converse with drivers or tour guides on crowded public transportation, especially if there is a large group. A tour guide and a driver – a skipper – are usually present on a boat. Because the groups are smaller, the space is smaller, and the overall vibe is very different – more relaxed, more intimate, friendly, and easy-going – the skipper will be able to focus on you and everyone in the group. 

Book a boat tour to unwind all of your senses!

We’re you looking for where to book a boat for rent? There is nothing for you to worry about because Tulum Boat Rentals have your back. Just visit the website at https://www.tulumboatrentals.com/ and click the link below to contact us and to be directed to our customer service personnel https://www.tulumboatrentals.com/contact-us/.

How Much Does It Cost To Charter A Yacht For A Day In Mexico?

Do you need to do something exciting and different on your next weekend getaway? Have you ever imagined steering a yacht or relaxing on its deck? You most likely have relatives who have equal dreams about a luxurious lifestyle. If this is the case, being able to charter a yacht in Mexico could be perfect.

Nothing can compare to the lavishness of a yacht experience in Mexico. We couldn’t agree more!  After a year expended indoors, chartering a yacht offers unending opportunities for search in even the most glamorous settings that seem even more enticing as the wind blows through your skin.

As we arise from the grasp of the global epidemic, luxury Tulum boat rentals could provide the ideal getaway from the city stress and crowds. But before we get to the most exciting part, one of the most frequently asked questions among new charterers is, “How much does it cost to charter a yacht in Mexico?”. If you are considering chartering a yacht this year, you’ve come to the right place.

What Determines The Cost When Chartering Tulum Yacht?

Holidays and Periods. The yacht cost will be affected by the time of year. Yachting has mainly two periods: summer and winter, and chartering throughout these busy periods will raise the cost. The summertime lasts between May and October, with July and August’s busiest months. The winter lasts from November to April, with peak rates during the Christmas and New Year’s holiday breaks. 

Destination. The cost of a yacht rental Tulum is also determined by its destination; for instance, Mexico charters are more expensive from December to March, although Mediterranean boat rentals Tulum are most primarily expensive during warmer months.

Type of Yacht or Boat

Yes, the type of Tulum boat and its size matter. Suppose you consider chartering a yacht in Mexico; there’s something for everyone. Classic yachts showcase the vintage elegance of a bygone era, so although sportfishing, boats are stylish and provide a more excellent range to get you to the finest fishing (or diving) places.

Sailing yachts are standard among boating geeks, but motor boats are far from the most outstanding charter yachts. When thinking of a superyacht, these are generally what come to mind and are the most economical way of boat charter, often costing a lot of money to buy, preserve, and fuel.

It doesn’t always have to be so expensive

To begin with, trying to arrange a private yacht rental is not always expensive. Once you pay the costs of the experience with family or friends, it is much more reasonably priced for everyone. To begin with, trying to arrange a private yacht rental is not always expensive. Once you pay the costs of the experience with family or friends, it is much more reasonably priced for everyone. Consider renting a cab to a live show, setting aside a small place at the top trending place in town, or having to rent an ocean views cottage for the whole week. Yacht periods ranging from 35 to 100 feet can be decided to charter for a day, half-day, or late at night.

What To Expect In A Tulum Boat Rental?

  • Spend a day city tour and explore the natural wonders of Mexico
  • Join forces to organize a dinner cruise, reuniting, or special events like birthdays and bachelorette parties. Don’t give up on your yachting dreams just yet.
  • Have a fun time with your friends and families with delicious cuisine while they enjoy the waters of Mexico.
  • Guaranteed quality of food and freshly prepared by the yacht’s experienced chef.
  • Throughout your yacht and Tulum boat party holiday, participate in various water activities.

Ready to take a new adventure? Tulum boat charter offers all-inclusive cruise, as the title suggests, including (almost) all of it, such as staff, meals, beverages, gasoline, and water sports gear. Some all-inclusive boat rentals, even so, never include docking expenses, which can quickly add up, and more on that afterward.

When you and your friends have not experienced sailors, you can consider hiring a captain to cruise for you. Once you are new in town, employing a captain is also a good idea. Seasoned captains know the best places for catching fish, scuba diving, and dolphin trying to spot.

Be First Onboard! Discover Where A Yacht Can Take You!

Dine under the stars, gaze at the city lights at night, and take a nap to the soft tremor of the waves. The most significant part of boat rentals in Tulum, Mexico, is that you can keep yourself enthralled by trying to follow the festivities all along the shoreline and going to join in on the Mexican fun. This is your time to create memories while spending time with loved ones.

Furthermore to the magnificent white beaches and vast activities, you can enjoy beautiful scenery, hiking, swimming, sport fishing, kayaking, whale watching, excursions, as well as other activities.